Web3 Ecosystem
for Pro Sports

Owned and Governed by Leagues, Teams and the Public.
A decentralized Alliance for the Sports Industry in Web3.

Opportunities For

With the world going Digital, we access a field of unique opportunities, leveraging new standards in technology & business operation. Learn how to join the movement!

For Fan oriented Organizations like Sports Leagues & Teams it is important to stay up to date with technological advancements, but it is difficult to capitalize and integrate this fast moving environment. It would require substantial team resources to develop a proper Web3 presence on an individual level; Instead of Teams going about their independent development, we offer a shared back end with customizable Team Themed UI. This way, Teams can get started immediately and do not have to hire costly developers and provide constant maintenance. The best of Web3 in 1 place. Plug & Play.

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Schedule a Video Presentation and allow us to introduce you to the full scope of Benefits that your Club or Organization can access in todays Digital World.


Web3 is about decentralized ownership and control. The future is about inter-connectivity, meaning that many middleman service provider face extinction. In our digital Ecosystem, the D-Sports Alliance, we enable new ways of operating and we invite leading service providers of the professional sports industry to join forces in working together towards building an optimal future.

You can own a share of the LKT Web3 Ecosystem by holding $LKT Coin. Fans and Teams are coming closer than ever before. Web3 brings people together. From unique fan experiences to direct impact in Team activity and even funding players via public crowdfunding.

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– Immediate Cost Savings by being able to by-pass middlemen.
– New Revenue Streams
– Plug & Play into the best Web3 Tech
– Safety in Numbers. 1 Ecosystem for Pro Sports
– Own & Control your Data
– Build Web3 Presence Early
– Gifted Share in D-Sports for Early Members

Web3 is about connection, decentralized control and improved ways of sharing information. – Learn how to capitalize on this opportunity with LKT.


What we offer is built on these principles, providing a shared platform for professional sports to collectively own and operate the tools of tomorrow.

With the ongoing shift into Web3 and beyond, opportunities are presented to sports organizations to increase fan engagement & loyalty, reduce operating costs and dependencies on 3rd party providers.

We provide a digital ecosystem that is specific to professional sports, and its ownership is decentralized, shared among sports
teams, leagues, and other leading entities in the industry.




If you are a sports fan wanting to be among the early finders of tomorrows digital standard and learn more about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, join us in our Communities via the link b

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