Node Providers, Fans and anyone wanting to participate in the D-Sports Alliance Web3 Ecosystem is able to purchase
Network Coins ahead of the upcoming SportsChain launch.

Deposit Address
[Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, BSC]

What is SportsChain?

A Blockchain Network built specifically for the Pro Sports Industry. Whats unique? This Blockchain is owned and operated by professional sports Teams, Leagues and select organizations, allowing Fans to get involved on a whole new level.

What are Coins for?

LKT is the native Coin of SportsChain. It is utilized as network gas and used to secure the Blockchain. The total amount of existing LKT represents the Sports Industry overall. The various sectors are eligible for a predetermined amount of Coins that can be claimed and represent that entities stake in the D-Sports Alliance Ecosystem.

What happens next?

- Private Sale - Team On boarding - Partnership Announcements - Blockchain Launch